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Showing 6 products

More about our Wreath Hangers

The days of damaging your doors by hammering in a nail to hang your Christmas wreath are over! Our wreath hangers offer a stylish, secure way to display your wreath using an over the door hook or magnetic feature that don't require nails, hammers or holes in your door, making hanging your wreath easier than ever, even on a glass or metal door.


Without the proper wreath hanger, your Christmas wreath would be in trouble! Browse our Christmas wreath options, from black metal, brass plated metal, and haute décor all the way to mailbox wreath hangers. Dress your door for the holiday season with a real or artificial wreath using a hanger that compliments your fixtures, style and size of wreath purchased. We also offer magnetic options to keep the wreath hanger inconspicuous where it might be too easy to spot.


Be sure to choose a wreath hanger that matches your wreath. When choosing, be sure that the wreath hanger will not clash with the wreath you have chosen. With our many options, you’ll find a wreath hanger suitable for your needs. It is important to remember that wreath hanger sizes are more versatile than you’d think. Our wreath hangers are designed to accommodate a range of wreath sizes. Be sure that the wreath hanger you choose will fit where you intend it to be located - and double check the wreath size just to make sure the hanger will accommodate it.