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Showing 8 products

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Top off your holidays with the perfect Christmas tree topper. We have over 60 festive tree toppers to choose from: star tree toppers, angel tree toppers, and more. Go with the glow for a lighted topper, or pick up an unlit model €”we have it all, in all different sizes for all different trees!


The height ranges available for Christmas tree toppers give you an opportunity to pick just the right one for your tree height and size. Match up the full foot tall toppers with larger trees and shorter toppers with 3' trees, or mix it up to create an interesting asymmetry. Don't fret if you are looking for a bright shine but don't want the height, because even the smaller lighted tree toppers feature brilliant luminescent designs. Reflective surfaces and glittering finishes create their own glow if you don't want a lighted topper but still desire some holiday shine.


The angel tree toppers available run the gamut in design to fit what you're looking for in a tree topper. A large selection of ornately gowned and rosy cheeked angels provides a traditional look, while some wear nationally relevant attire to celebrate your family's heritage. Find feathery, molded, and wire wing designs. While some have molded hair in blondes and browns, others have fabric hair for a more realistic look and some wire angels have no hair at all! The angel selection varies in color, size, and material to give you more options than ever.


The star toppers also offer many varieties. Some resemble stained glass, while others are styled after the notorious Bethlehem star. Capiz stars and traditional five pointed stars give you even more choices. Some mix designs by including a wire frame of points behind a solid eight pointed star, while others provide the simple purity of that geometric shape.  Lights and embellishments on the star toppers provide everything from unlit and unadorned to a multicolored glitz extravaganza! Any star you can imagine is waiting here for you to place it on your tree.  Within a historical Christian context, a Christmas tree topper signifies the Star of Bethlehem (Christmas Star) or angelic hosts proclaiming the news of Jesus' birth.


There are plenty of unconventional tree toppers to choose from as well. Any Elvis fans in the house? There's a topper here for them! The kids will love tree toppers featuring the main man, Santa Claus. The materials available with each design vary to cover your entire tree topping needs. Search and you will find glitter, fabric, resin, wire, rhinestones, and intricate bead work. Lighted toppers come in clear, white, and multicolored selections. However you decide to polish the top of your Christmas tree this year, you will find the right one here!