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Santa Suits

Can you fill the big guy's shoes? Give it a try with our wide selection of Santa suits and other Christmas costumes! We have Santa suits for the whole family, complete with Santa wigs and beards to fool everybody. Get into the holiday spirit, and get into a Santa suit. We've got Christmas costumes for babies, for ladies, for everybody! The red tones available vary in vibrancy and brightness. Long coats or short coats are available, as well as entire Santa styled robes. The white fur trim and tall black boots are just the icing on the cake with these ensembles. There's even a black Santa Suit for those anti Christmas humbugs in your life! The white gloves and red and white caps are natural additions to complete these suits. Pick the bushy white beard that is just right for the next Santa Claus at your Christmas gatherings. The big black belts and gold buckles will convince every good little boy and girl that you're the real deal. 
Kids can join the fun, too, with a selection of smaller versions of the classic suit. Whether you are young, old, man, or woman, the Santa Claus look works for everyone during the Christmas season. Take the fun and festive act of decorating to your own attire when you choose just the right outfit from the selection available. Get into the holiday spirit by getting into the suit this year!

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