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More about our Hanukkah

Jewish and mixed faith households can find plenty of festive Hanukkah decorations for the holiday season here! Traditional menorah candle sets are available, and the image appears on ornaments as well. In addition to the well known seven candle menorah used in Temple and representative of Judaism, other items feature the nine candle menorah sometimes called a Chanukiyeh which is used during the festival of lights specifically in commemoration of the story of the oil. It is said that during religious persecution and crises, oil that physically should have lasted only one day miraculously burned for eight days! The eight candles represent the eight nights while the ninth candle, called a Shamesh or helper candle, is used to light the others. Other famous symbols of Judaism and Hanukkah appear in these collections too! The Star of David is present in various items with its unmistakable evenly balanced six points. You will also find the fun and festive dreidel in ornaments and lights to remind everyone of the popular and historic children's toy. Traditionally Jewish ornaments and tree toppers can be placed on Christmas trees melding cultural heritage and tradition in a beautiful holiday setting. The Judaic traditions and stories are rich and important pieces of history that everyone can celebrate during the holidays regardless of their individual religious standing. If decorating a business setting be sure to include the Jewish faith by incorporating some of these ornaments, candle sets or lights. Browse through the collections here to find the right way to celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, or both together in your home or office!