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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Guy Decorating Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the holiday season. Whether you prefer to do it yourself or make it family affair, a little careful planning and brainstorming can go a long way. Some prefer to decorate the tree the same from year to year, using ornaments that carry significant meaning and tradition. Others prefer to vary tree decorations from season to season, bringing in a fresh new look each Christmas. If you’re looking for new ideas about how to decorate your tree, use the following guide as a starting point. Each category offers different style choices that will help you achieve that particular aesthetic you want. And don’t be afraid to play around with some of the ideas, mixing and matching between different design schemes. Eclectic trees look stunning too!

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Schemes

Traditional Glass Ornament

You may wonder what defines a “traditional” Christmas tree. The fact is, traditional Christmas trees are wide ranging. They can contain either white lights or colored lights, depending on the type of traditional feel you’re aiming for. Traditional Christmas trees with white lights tend to be more elegant, classic, and timeless—whereas traditional Christmas trees with colored lights are more cheery, fun-loving, and charismatic. Traditional ornaments are often made from glass or other non-synthetic materials. Germany is known for its beautiful, handcrafted ornaments made from blown glass. You might try doing a basic search for “traditional German glass ornaments” to get an idea of what a traditional Christmas tree might look like. Traditional Christmas trees also rely on flowers, like poinsettias—and floral sprays. Some traditional Christmas trees have bird ornaments and different fruits. Many of these traditions reach back to the German origins of the contemporary, popular Christmas tree.

Contemporary Christmas Tree Decorating Schemes

Contemporary Tree Design

Contemporary Christmas decorating schemes are somewhat different than more traditional themes. The key to contemporary decorating is minimalism and sophistication. There are various tree ideas that take contemporary decorating to a whole new level, such as the “suspended” Christmas tree. Do quick Internet search to see how cool these designs look! Many suspended Christmas trees do not have an actual Christmas tree but rather consist of ornaments suspended from the ceiling in the shape of a Christmas tree, resulting in a dramatic and unique effect. But for those of us who are not quite ready to go this contemporary, there are other ways to achieve an up-to-date aesthetic. Choose plenty of glass and clear ornaments for a clean feel—and remember, minimalism is key to contemporary decorating. Find ornaments with unique shapes and designs that vary from the more traditional ornaments that are out there. Metal ornaments and ornaments made from simple materials will also work well. Keep multiple colors to a minimum to enhance simplicity and sophistication of the tree.

Natural Christmas Tree Decorating Schemes

Natural Christmas Tree Decorating

With growing consciousness about the environment and greater appreciation for the outdoors, natural Christmas tree decorations are becoming more popular. For this aesthetic, choose ornaments that feel as though you are bringing the outdoors inside. Flower- or plant-inspired items will have an instant natural effect. Try adding a few bird nests or different bird ornaments to the tree. Pine cones are another beautiful ornament inspired by nature. Natural Christmas decorations may be less colorful than other decoration schemes, creating a more sophisticated look. Finish off a natural Christmas tree with some artificial snow or frost for a stunning effect.

Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Schemes

Love Themed Christmas Tree Decoration

Themed Christmas tree decorations are varied and the possibilities are endless. Choose lights, ornaments, and accessories that tell a story. Perhaps the theme is more abstract, like love—or a more concrete concept, like a particular culture. With themed Christmas trees, you have the opportunity to show off your sophistication and appreciation for just about anything. Try a few Internet searches for some ideas, and start crafting your shopping list!

And don’t forget—Christmas trees can borrow from any number of different inspirations. Perhaps you want a contemporary tree that’s also inspired by nature, or an elegant tree that has a special theme. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment.