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More about our Advent Wreaths

Browse our wide selection of Advent wreaths and take part in the wonderful tradition of lighting the Advent wreath for the weeks leading up to Christmas. More about the tradition and symbolism can be found lower on this page.The use of an Advent wreath is a Christian tradition symbolized by the passage of the four weeks of Advent. Traditional advent wreaths are made up of an evergreen wreath with four candles forming a square around the perimeter of the wreath and often a fifth white candle, known as the Christ candle, in the center. Starting on the first Sunday of Advent, a candle is lit every week until the last Sunday before Christmas.


The lighting of advent candles is often accompanied by prayers and bible readings. This custom is practiced in both church and family settings. Protestant Church Advent Colors It is more common to find red candles in most Protestant churches as rose vestments and decorations are not typically used during Christmas. The white "Christ" candle at the middle of Advent wreaths is also more common at Protestant churches and is used to symbolize Christmas. It is tradit9onally lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The most popular colors for Advent candles in Catholic churches are violet in rose, which correspond to the colors of the liturgical vestments for the Sundays of Advent.