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Recent Testimonials

"I ordered a few days before Christmas and these guys followed thru on guarantee to deliver on Christmas eve. Thanks"

-Jeff K, January 2013


"Wow! Good off-season sales. I would shop again"

-Kate F, April 2013


"Really? Nobody calls anymore. But Christmas Ltd called when something was going to ship late then overnight air it to me in time for my weekend party!"

-Cindy J, December 2012


"I buy a nutcracker every year for my grandson. These guys have a HUGE selection of nutcrackers."

-Robert F, December 2012


"I called in to place my order and the customer support was great. I was able to place my order immediately and they delivered in two days."

-Claire, November 2012


Delivering Delight™ Since 2011. Our Story.

Christmas came early for Brendan McCarthy in 2010 when his authentic German nutcrackers started selling like hotcakes on Meanwhile, his wife Ashley was blogging about her passion for Christmas decor and holiday recipes. Inspired by his wife's true affection for and understanding of the holiday spirit, Brendan began investigating the development of a Christmas website. By fall 2011, Brendan had sourced over 10,000 Christmas trees, tree accessories, Christmas lights, ornaments, wreathes, garlands, nutcrackers and other accessories, all with the signed and sealed approval of a true Christmas enthusiast, his wife Ashley.

The Christmas Ltd team is dedicated to bringing you the very best in holiday home decor by providing you with selection, fast shipping and top notch customer service. Brendan and Ashley personally approve every product in our catalog, our warehouse provides same-day shipping, and our in-house 5-star customer service team responds to every customer inquiry within 24 hours guaranteed. Give us a call (877) 862-5782 or e-mail us anytime.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Its not just about gift-giving, it's about time honored tradition and coming together with those whom you love to celebrate your beliefs and good fortune. During December there is something special in the air, often referred to as Christmas spirit, and Christmas Ltd tries to put that feeling into every package we ship.

With Brendan, Ashley and Lola (their Cocker Spaniel) at the helm, ChristmasLtd is truly a family run company and there is no better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit than with family.  We hope that the team we've put together and the products we've sourced serve you and your children well this holiday season. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Key Facts

  • Christmas Ltd is the newest brand in the ClickToShop family on online retail brands
  • To date, our company has served 130,000 happy customers
  • We sell hundres of Artificial Christmas tree sizes and styles, and we ship live Christmas trees too!
  • Our owner's wife makes the world's best Christmas cookies
  • We start playing Christmas music in the office in September

Our Mission

It has always been, and will always be, about giving our customers the best online shopping experience possible. We’re passionate about sourcing the most unique product mix, providing the best possible product information and visuals and offering friendly, speedy and attentive "5-star" customer service.